we are light and energy beings

our subtle vibration

Our subtle energy field is our life-force, what we were born with, and our birthright. It regulates our organs, our emotions and our drive and will. We were designed to work in harmony with nature and natural energies. Energy is the language our body speaks, but we have forgotten this. Our body is operating at such a subtle level that a process of entrainment happens naturally, we will vibrate with and attune to any field around us...BUT our body cannot tell the difference, our brain cannot tell the difference between radio waves, microwaves and lightwaves - they are all part of the electromagnetic spectrum - and unless we can direct it to rebalance through interaction with the natural world it will automatically tune in to the most powerful force around us.

Unfortunately in the modern urban environment, and sometimes outside of that, the most powerful force is composed of chaotic manmade radiation, and a major problem with that is that it is frequency-pulsed and modulated to carry data which is wholly unnatural.

We need to re-tune it to the natural world. Whilst arguably the best solution would be to switch off the manmade radiation (and mains electricity - another powerful and unnatural influence on our wellbeing, not least because it too carries disruptive frequency information), Lifespace can act as a means to connect as best we can to some of the vital natural elements that otherwise become completely drowned out by the artificial ones.

In other words, within our compromised modern environments, this technology can provide protection of our own field in the most effective way imaginable: by setting up an environment within which our being can naturally recalibrate itself to its natural resonant state. The result of doing this is tangible - you can feel it!