Pure fields of consciousness are the totality of our soul mission, our star seed. We are multidimensional beings existing in a 3D reality. In quantum physics there exists a term called zero point, the space between polarity where we vibrate with this doorway that is the portal to our truth beyond all knowing where we attune to the akash, where our divinity activates. 

The field provides an opening to this portal, an alchemy that we have access to. The mystics wrote of this, people like Castaneds experimented with this through plant medicine. The axis mundi of the heavens meeting the earth. We have come to a time where through conscious intent and a clearing and realignment of our cellular DNA structure we can attune to this vibration. By the process of entrainment with higher frequencies, and attunement to more subtle fields we can stimulate the pineal gland which is our pathway to this connection.

Zero point is our infinite potential, beyond space and time. All it takes is the conscious awareness to trigger it, to achieve positive outcomes and manifest.

Within Lifespace there exists the possibility to amplify your holographic resonance with your own field of consciousness, connecting you into this portal, into the core of your being.