Lifespace technology explained

An overview of Lifespace (scroll down to find numbered references)

As humans we are bio-electric and bio-magnetic beings, not just bio-chemical. We operate electromagnetically and respond to all forms of subtle energy fields  [1] . But if this field is distorted and scrambled by electrosmog and other stresses [2] , our response to life can manifest in a way that is not harmonious to our true nature.

Unbeknownst to us our cells have degraded, diminishing our life-force and limiting our health and vitality, and over time we have forgotten who we are [3]. What if we could easily recalibrate this bio-chemical, bio-electric and bio-magnetic integrity and restore our original vitality? 

With the Lifespace unit we have spent years researching and developing a technology that operates on many different levels to be able to provide what we see as vital elements necessary for a more refined existence. It is in Nature [4] that we find the pattern templates we need for the generation of clearer field energy. Some of these energetic patterns or signatures are taken from trees [5], and some from synergistic combinations of potentised light, sound and gem remedies. These fractal patterns [6] are naturally grounded within a scalar field [7] generated through the activation of natural carbon60-bearing shungite [8], using a conversion circuit of our own design which outputs standing waves through the principle of cancellation of magnetic energy to output a pure and balanced scalar field (scalar is the medium used by life to carry information and energy).

Additionally the field set up by Lifespace technology carries a highly refined and balanced consciousness blueprint which is tangibly joyful - one of the most important states we can spend time in if we are to heal and transform, and strengthen our being [9].

Lifespace primarily works to rebalance the resonance of our cellular biology with the earth and the cosmos [10] Opening us up to a more vital existence, re-training our cells to be able to achieve this harmony on their own [11]. Through this true protection can be achieved, based on reaffirming our own field rather than blocking or hiding from the environment [12].

"Create the right environment and the body will remember its natural harmonic state." This is very much a mission statement at Resonance Sciences Ltd., and it describes the principle behind a completely non-invasive technology that allows cellular entrainment [13] to occur naturally via structural resonance. (Structural resonance is the process whereby information transfers from one scalar field to another, and it occurs naturally whenever there is enough of a similarity between those fields.)

We would love to help you vibrate at such a frequency [14] to provide your body, mind and spirit the clarity required for a new kind of interface with your life, and open you to the magic that in itself is your basic human right [15]. Balance, harmony, and connectivity. [16]

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Our subtle energy field is our life-force, what we were born with, and our birthright. It regulates our organs, our emotions and our drive and will. We were designed to work in harmony with nature and natural energies. Energy is the language our body speaks, but we have forgotten this. Our body is operating at such a subtle level that a process of entrainment happens naturally, we will vibrate with and attune to any field around us...BUT our body cannot tell the difference, our brain cannot tell the difference between radio waves, microwaves and lightwaves - they are all part of the electromagnetic spectrum - and unless we can direct it to rebalance through interaction with the natural world it will automatically tune in to the most powerful force around us.

Unfortunately in the modern urban environment, and sometimes outside of that, the most powerful force is composed of chaotic manmade radiation, and a major problem with that is that it is frequency-pulsed and modulated to carry data which is wholly unnatural.

We need to re-tune it to the natural world. Whilst arguably the best solution would be to switch off the manmade radiation (and mains electricity - another powerful and unnatural influence on our wellbeing, not least because it too carries disruptive frequency information), Lifespace can act as a means to connect as best we can to some of the vital natural elements that otherwise become completely drowned out by the artificial ones.

In other words, within our compromised modern environments, this technology can provide protection of our own field in the most effective way imaginable: by setting up an environment within which our being can naturally recalibrate itself to its natural resonant state. The result of doing this is tangible - you can feel it!
The goal of 5G is to give us much faster data transmission and response speeds – but that requires us to utilise more bandwidth from the electromagnetic spectrum. The problem is that the current frequency bandwidths we are using are quickly becoming saturated.  So, the idea behind 5G is to expand into as-yet untapped bandwidth of the extremely high-frequency millimetre wave (MMW) spectrum between about 20GHz and 80GHz, in addition to some lower and mid-range frequencies still needed for longer-range transmission.

5G has been designed to support approximately 100 billion devices and will operate 100 times faster than our current 4G technology. And, it will provide download speeds of up to 10 Gigabits per second. Communication, for the first time in history, will be virtually instant.

In order to work efficiently the 5G infrastructure requires many smaller, barely noticeable, cell towers to be built much closer together. To enable 5G technology to perform optimally more input and output ports are needed for transmissions than 4G ever required. This means that 5G requires wireless antennas to be situated only a few feet apart i.e. on almost every lamp post and building in your neighbourhood. Adoption of 5G means that that there will be more signals carrying more energy through the high-frequency spectrum, with more transmitters located close to people’s homes and workplaces. In short, we will all be exposed to more potent RFR waves surrounding us wherever we go. And that means anywhere in the whole world.

The potential ramifications of being exposed to 5G technology include DNA single and double-strand breaks (which leads to cancer) i.e. 5G frequencies damaging the frequencies inside our human body cells by the disruption of our cell metabolism. Oxidative damage (which leads to tissue deterioration and premature ageing) increased blood-brain barrier permeability, disruption of brain glucose metabolism, generation of stress proteins (leading to myriad diseases) and melatonin reduction (leading to insomnia and increasing cancer risks). If this wasn’t bad enough, recent studies have shown that over ninety percent of microwave radiation is absorbed by the epidermis and dermis layers of human skin. In other words, the skin basically acts as an absorbing sponge for microwave radiation.

For important and current info on the science behind exposure to 5G please download this report by Dr. Martin Pall

What is our blueprint, our very specific soul mission? To figure this out and connect to our own 'life code uninterrupted', is a mission in itself.. Knowing more about our soul needs and how to communicate these very important personal distinctions is an art form of listening, but that is just the beginning. We can be given the tools and all the ingredients - and most of us have spent much of our lives knowingly or unknowingly experimenting with it - but many of us also need help along the way.

It's not always easy to harmonise our mind/body/spirit complexities. Finding the balance is a constant process that most of us find we cannot make the time for in our busy lives of managing the complex needs of the physical world alone.

(see five faces of Lifespace for more on this)

Everything on this planet has patterns in its structure- Music has a pattern when we hear it that is ‘music to our ears’ but it also has a vibratory pattern, which we call resonance. So on one level we are hearing it, but on a deeper level we are feeling it. Nature also has these patterns. We walk in the woods and we see a tree, our eyes recognise the pattern of the tree, but underneath our cells are feeling the tree- connecting in with the tree life, story and family.  

And deep inside, we embrace the story of the tree. So do the minerals and crystals have their stories. They are the stories handed down from the millions of years of mineraloid evolution.

So when we buy a crystal, we are connecting to a piece of a very old story. And these stories are gathered from all over  the world. Different regions have different stories, different energies. Northern energies are different to southern energies, sky energies and ice energies to heat and tropical energies.
Trees offer an ideal symbol and inspiration for how we would ideally process energy in our body. Their roots form the basis of visualisation for many 'grounding meditations', and their crown in many ways represents the crown chakra of human beings. Mature trees operate as large scalar antennas. Their field can be perceived far and wide.

Early on in our research for the development of Lifespace technology we discovered one of the major challenges for human beings in the urban environment to be the fact that the crown chakra appears to collapse whenever we are exposed to wi-fi (WLAN) routers, and particularly when there are multiple sources of wi-fi. The search for a crown chakra strengthening element led very quickly to trees, and the tangible support they give even just from standing near to one.

The Lifespace field generator module amplifies a number of fractal information signatures, and one of these is derived from particular trees, chosen for the way in which they interact directly with the crown chakra and give it support. The impact of this is tangible as soon as the device is switched on.

Of course there is nothing quite like standing under a mature oak tree and allowing its silent wisdom to inspire us to the core of our being, but in the absence of that within a living or working environment, we have an echo of that - one part of many elements of the Lifespace field - to offer.
Fractals are a geometric representation, a condensed version of nature's stories. They are a kind of algorithm that represent complex dynamic systems in a simple form.

Homeopathic remedies use a reductive technique to essentilise complex matter or information to a vibratory signature. So can whole universes be represented by a grain of sand. A great teacher in the fractal field was the late Dr Masaru Emoto, through his work educating the collective to the power of mollecular vibration, expressing the power a simple written word has on the crystalline nature of the receptors in mollecules of water.

So we can bring to our lives the healing geometry of the Music of Bach, the sacred structures of the 'organised' information in the stories represented by sound into a vibratory space, our home can become a transformatory live entity.

Fractals explain how Lifespace technology is able to offer so much held within such a small unit. With it you can set up a field within any building which carries the signatures of trees, of light and colour, frequency and connection to the planet itself, all expressed in the subatomic level through the medium of scalar waves (life's favoured communication language).

It is the elegance of fractals that enables these patterns to be held in the unit, embedded in a natural liquid crystal resin. They become activated when the pure scalar generator of our own design within the unit is switched on. And that activation requires only a tiny amount of energy: in common with the natural world, the generation of these fields is about precision not raw energy, and operates within an extremely low power 'window'.

And through resonance, the fractal representations of multidimensional phenomena give rise to an authentic expression of their original form, and it is your own being that will recognise this and decide what it wishes to embrace and welcome into its own space.
Scalar - Nature's communication

This is where the world becomes truely magical. The power of thought energy, the power of intention and the omnipotent power of connection - is when scalar energy comes into focus. When we understand the true interconnectivity of every mollecule on this planet, we understand how trees in the forest communicate, how animals communicate, how the minerals, rocks and crystals communicate - this is how our cells communicate, this vast natural network of vibration over distance all is achieved through the scalar field - an instantaneous transmission that is the subtle yet complex language of a communal interconnected soul.

Scalar energy is the elegant form nature has chosen to communicate with itself. And we as humans have been endowed with cellar receptors to decipher this language. DNA communicates across and between cells, instantaneously, using these magnetic scalar waves. The information is transducted from the DNA mollecule, carried by the scalar wave and then transmitted to the other side of the cell (or to other cells), reverberating out into the field, the morphic field, the collective song of our souls with the soul of the sentient and non-sentient Earth at an atomic level.

It is important to understand that scalar information transfer does not rely on any form of directed (vector) transmission. In other words, there is no movement required in space/time for the transmission to take place. The information transfer happens by itself as a result of structural resonance. This describes a process whereby two fields, for example your own, and that set up by our Lifespace technology, co-exist: It is entirely through the similarity between those two fields, that information will transfer. In other words, the fact that our base vibrational state is grounded in the natural world, and the fact that the base vibrational state of the Lifespace field is also grounded in the natural world, is enough to allow us to benefit from it.

Each of us will 'download' from the Lifespace field exactly what we need in any moment. There is no 'transmission' involved in the usual sense, and that is vital: we would be very hesitant to use or offer any technology that would 'put' anything into people. Of course this is exactly the same principle as you will encounter in nature, and mimicking nature is the wisest starting point.

It is a two-way process. We are currently at home here on this planet, it provides for us in so many ways, and we return this privilege by reinstating our wholistic integrity. As we receive for our cells the right 'food' in the form of the right information/energetic input, so we in return offer the planetary grid our own information/energetic input. All through scalar waves.

From another perspective, scalar waves, even if not directly named, were written about thousands of years ago!  - The I-Ching, an incredible Taoist resource, describes exactly this phenomenon.

Humans are carbon-based lifeforms, that means in terms of our energetic makeup there is a particular vibrational signature from which our bodies are composed, and which we resonate with. Shungite is the natural mineral with the highest proportion of natural fullerenes (C60) on this planet - though they are found in the atmosphere, a result of the lightening discharges that form a resonance field that makes up part of the protective layer around the earth.

The straight mineralogical definition of Shungite is as follows:  A 98% carbon, non-crystalline, non-graphite, structurally heterogeneous, vitreous, black mineral with a semi-metallic shine. And the highest quality Shungite is found only in one location – in the area called Karelia on the Finnish-Russian border, near the town of Shunga from where its name derives.

Extensive research into its properties has discovered that natural fullerenes derived from Shungite normalise cellular metabolism, increase enzyme activity, stimulate the regeneration of tissues, increase the resistance of human body cells and also possess anti-inflammatory properties. In addition Shungite is able to combat and neutralise toxins in the body and assists in repairing wounds. Used as a tool in healing, Shungite works primarily with the 3 lower chakras, it mainly focuses its energy in the root chakra and with this grounding can be a catalyst for growth, transformation and positive change.

The use of shungite in the Lifepace unit is significant. The scalar generators within the unit amplify and expand its natural field, and in this way its properties can be extended to cover an entire building. The result of this is that living beings within that space have a natural (carbon) reference signature to tune into, to replace that which is present in nature but often completely drowned out by manmade electromagnetic pollution in living or working environments (both mains electricity and manmade radiation from wireless technology are responsible for introducing confusing and chaotic signals into the environment, as are building materials and methods that are indifferent to the delicate nature of our needs to connect to the Earth, nature and the Cosmos).

Additionally, the expanded field of Shungite can operate directly upon the environment in a cleansing manner, which many users of Lifespace have reported: the air can seem fresher. This can be explained by observing that Shungite's ionic charge is negative, and when its field encounters toxic materials, known overwhelmingly to have a positive charge, it has the capacity to reverse this spin. This effect is not as extreme as an air ioniser, which produces a shower of negative ions, but it has a subtle neutralising function which can be tangible, and which carries none of the side-effects of air ionisation (most ionisers produce by-products such as ozone).

Pure fields of consciousness are the totality of our soul mission, our star seed. We are multidimensional beings existing in a 3D reality. In quantum physics there exists a term called zero point, the space between polarity where we vibrate with this doorway that is the portal to our truth beyond all knowing where we attune to the akash, where our divinity activates.

The field provides an opening to this portal, an alchemy that we have access to. The mystics wrote of this, people like Castaneds experimented with this through plant medicine. The axis mundi of the heavens meeting the earth. We have come to a time where through conscious intent and a clearing and realignment of our cellular DNA structure we can attune to this vibration. By the process of entrainment with higher frequencies, and attunement to more subtle fields we can stimulate the pineal gland which is our pathway to this connection.

Zero point is our infinite potential, beyond space and time. All it takes is the conscious awareness to trigger it, to achieve positive outcomes and manifest.

Within Lifespace there exists the possibility to amplify your holographic resonance with your own field of consciousness, connecting you into this portal, into the core of your being.
The magnetic field of the earth is very ancient. This field holds the power within it  to unify form, it is what contains the information that holds form and information in place-  like a giant natural electrical circuit that protects all living things.

As humans we are all bio-energetic beings. That means that at the quantum level we are not composed of ‘matter’ at all. We are just fluctuations of energy held together by this field that has an intrinsic coherence. Our cells are ultimately just fluctuations of energy pulsing at different frequencies.

We are attuned to this natural frequency of planet Earth, known as the ‘Schumann frequency’ 7.83 Hz. It is only when we are in sync with this our cells are able to communicate optimally with each other to exchange information.

Our bodies, and those of our ancestors, have therefore been surrounded by this natural  frequency for millions of years which means we are in total harmony with this frequency that constantly moves through every cell in our body. These are generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.

Our bodies are also fortunately blessed with an ‘auto-correct’ system that can re-calibrate to the natural environment when it has been disrupted. This affords us a degree of protection, this natural re-alignament. For example when we are subjected to emf through unnatural frequencies. Our natural immune system is thus a strong barrier from cell-damaging frequencies but if we are subjected to constant exposure then our natural defences become weakened over time. A few of the most common symptoms of exposure to man-made electromagnetic frequencies typically include ringing in one or both ears, high pitched white noise, hot flushes, blurred vision, vertigo, dizziness, irregular heartbeats, temporary deafness, nausea, flu-like symptoms and anxiety.
Around every living system is found an energy field in the form of a torus – the torsion field. Due to its geometry, there is a constant movement of energy into and out of the centre of that field, via the auric field around the body. That process can be described as transduction, which is the movement of energy from one form to another. In this way it can be said that there is a movement of energy from Spirit into the body.

This is where it gets interesting, as there is a power play in force here.  Do we have control over this proces? Can we elect to absorb into our cellular matrix a wholistic 'truth'?

Can we hold the balance of giving our cells more of what is right for them so they entrain to a clearer resonance? To entrain our cells to the fractal representation of wholistic elements, of nature's authentic representation, could arguably be the most vital element in our personal evolution.

EMF radiated from electrical sources and wireless technologies interferes with this transduction process by scrambling the information carried within that energy. It therefore becomes all the more important within the modern environment to ensure that we pay attention to the sources of what we transduct, even if the process doesn't seem under our conscious control.

Human consciousness concerns itself with levels of attention. Attention is directed at something (consciousness on the other hand is everywhere). Attention gives rise to awareness. And so awareness is consciousness in action. The promotion of increased awareness comes about through the increased transfer of information through transduction into the body.
The morphogenic field refers to our collective consciousness.

There is an adage that says ‘form follows thought’. As human beings living in the modern world  we have become more than a little addicted to the powers of reason. As the ego can take over, our minds can rule and in most cases over-ride our body-wisdom.

So we can look at retraining our minds (through our cells) to balance with body wisdom, as our cells communicate with the field every one of us also by our thoughts are creating a field--a morphic field, and the balance of this - the critical mass has huge ramifications on planetary consciousness.

When we are properly tuned in and clearly resonating we are able to operate at our greatest capacity. This mind/body/spirit linking-in effect collectively creates a potential field of Joy and taps into the Zero point, the unity point beyond ego polarity that is in itself the highest form of  immunity  for our human cells. As a by-product... we also get to emit a pure conscious awareness wave (joy-in-being) into the stratosphere, and by doing this  receive this  gift in return. Quantum connectivity-the alignment with our higher collective nature, the natural refinement of our collective frequency.

It is of particular joy to us to be participating in our own small way with our Lifespace technology: as we help support more and more people in their natural desire to align themselves with a field of Joy, there is a contribution made to the morphogenic field - our collective consciousness. In this way we can create a new world, more resonant with our deepest needs and wishes.
DNA is often perceived in popular science writing akin to a data bank of information. This is not an up-to-date or accurate analogy: DNA doesn't store information any more than a computer stores the internet. Rather, DNA is an antenna that rececives the information we need, it is not the holder of the information itself.

So with the help of DNA, our cells are transmitters and recievers, they interact with the subtle energy fields in our environment. Through a process of transduction (cellular communication) they are open receptors to any and every form of energetic transmission. When we are with the trees in the forest. they will pick up on the subtle energies of the trees, if we are in a crystal shop, they are being influenced by the properties inherent in the geometric structure of the crystals (fractals) that serve as information transmitters.

The cell is based upon a crystalline matrix of water which is an electromagnetic sensor for the energy of everything it comes into contact with. It has the ability to change depending on the field (information) it is exposed to.

So if you are exposed to a field carrying disruptive information near yourself (say for instance Wifi or the emissions of a cellphone) your cells can no longer 'hear the music' of the planets, including our own, or the trees or the crystals anymore. Indeed, there is a danger that the chaotic information field that surrounds such technology will end up distorting genetic code from which proteins are manufactured - and that is clearly not a desirable outcome.

Our cells, via our DNA, have become compromised by the unnatural fields that we unwittingly entrain ourselves to. All we know is that we become scrambled, tired and sometimes ill. Our life force diminishes. So the beginning of the journey is to clear our DNA and reinforce our vitality through right pattern of association with nature.

How does this work? Through the communication medium of the life itself: scalar waves. Also known as standing waves, scalar is nature's information highway, and it works more effectively than any manmade network.
The term frequency in its most common usage describes the number of events within a particular unit of time (for example waves or pulses per second). In that usage it is also called temporal frequency, to distinguish it from two further usages in physics, 'angular frequency' and 'spatial frequency'.

When it comes to describing frequency in the context of communication and transfer of information as utlised by life, the phenomenon we are most interested in with regard to LIfespace technology, refering to it as "events per unit of time" or cycles per second (measured in Herz, or Hz) quickly loses relevance. There are a multitude of 'frequency languages' operating within the earths' field. All living things recieve and transmit a frequency through transduction (the movement of information and/or energy). This has been documented in plant bio-acoustics and research as to the frequency range of differnt animals and their 'hearing' capabilities- variations from 10-150,000 Hz! However much of subtle communication takes place beyond the dimension of time. This is where the pheonmenon of frequency takes on a more mysterious form.

The fields generated by Lifespace technology hold frequency in a form that is beyond time. Lifespace operates in the scalar domain, and it is a characteristic of scalar waves that they operate beyond time, and as such the information is presented in fractal form rather than in a time-varying manner. What this means is that the time axis has been collapsed, and any frequency information is transformed into a pattern (fractal) that describes the time dimension (and other dimensions besides, as fractals are multidimensional) without being subject to time itself.

It is interesting to note that human ego cannot exist beyond space and time. Indeed it is defined in part by those physical quantities. Lifespace sets out to inspire the embodiment, via resonance, of states of being that similarly are beyond space and time, and thus are also free of ego.
The Truth is in our body wisdom, this is actually the zero point- when we connect into universal truth. This is where the true magic of life unfolds.

'As above so below'. It is then we are able to 'see all', beyond our ego and beyond our intellect.

When we clear our field we connect into the scalar field of the planet in an authentic way. That is when we can 'hear' the truth in our bodies and we can also hear the truth from nature. Not only on a vibratory level but nature will also speak to us if we take the time to listen.

In shamanic tradition the shamans looked to nature for messages, signs and keys. Our interdependence with the planet. They actually dont even look. They stop and feel. Nature will come to us if we create the space for it. So we feel, and hear and interpret with our body knowing.

Nature can become our greatest teacher if we allow it. Then we are paying it the highest form of respect-  we are bringing it into our community- with no separation. Honoring it with the quality of our listening.
It is your choice, a conscious decision, to re-align yourself to the planetary harmonics. Our choice every day of who what and why we are here. In this wild world of choice we have been almost programmed to believe that more is better, but what we are proposing is maybe a bit radical - perhaps less is more: that as we strip away the layers it is then that we return to our true intention, our soul mission, and then we can begin to build something deeper, something perhaps bigger than ourselves. And then, from that place we can expand to a universe in line with ourselves and our planet, the world we are co-creating.