information for practitioners

Lifespace Technology and its support via the Primo-Vascular system

Lifespace technology (formerly known in the form of the "Calmspace Pro" device in use in many homes and practices) is based upon an entirely non-invasive practice of structural resonance. The device sets up a passive scalar field using a magnetic-to-scalar conversion circuit of our own design, and seeds this field with fractally-embedded patterns from nature, essential to our wellbeing. These provide the body's own electrical system on the surface of the skin with the perfect natural resonances for it to protect us against harmful environmental stresses, not least those resulting from exposure to electromagnetic pollution from wireless technology.

Science is only now discovering just how sensitive the human body is to changes in electrical potential on the surface of the skin, the most significant points of which being defined by the Primo Vessels (which correspond to the traditional meridian lines described by Eastern medicine). The body is an electrical conductor, and when a conductor is placed within an electromagnetic field such as that produced by a mobile phone or wi-fi router, a current will flow within it. This is called induction, and the currents induced in the body by modern wireless technology can easily exceed those used by the body to maintain proper function. One of the most vulnerable parts of the body to these induced currents from radiation is the pineal gland, which ties together the regulation systems for heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and a whole host of other vital functions. It is therefore no surprise that many people experience health complications resulting from their exposure to wireless signals.

Lifespace works with the Primo Vessels (or meridians) of the body, entirely from within the scalar domain (in other words using the principle of resonance, which will occur only where there is a natural compatibility – it is not a process that can be forced in any way). This means that any changes which might occur in the user's system come about indirectly, due to the correction of the immediate environment, and not by introducing anything from the outside.

A form of carbon that the body has a strong affinity for, C60, is brought into oscillation in the unit, which strengthens your earth/ground reference. Resonant patterns from trees, and subtle cosmic reference fields give the primo vessels further points of reference. In this way our natural anchor points that would normally be present in nature but which are being distorted or drowned-out by electromagnetic interference are re-established in our living or working spaces.

Given such an environment with restored natural context, the primo vessels are able to act as a protective grid around the body, like a natural faraday cage, protecting our vital functions from becoming misaligned. In addition, Lifespace Home units incorporate a powerful mains (“dirty electricity”) filter, which eliminates high frequency pollution from the mains from within a frequency range that is known to be particularly disruptive to health.

Observed effects by practitioners of using Lifespace are normalising of blood pressure, improved/healthier breathing, slowing of heart rate, slowing of brain waves (permitting improved sleep), reduction of hyperactivity in children, improved self-expression and reduced excessive emotionality in expression. Heart Rate Variability studies are currently being planned to demonstrate these findings in more concrete form. Long-term use of the system appears to allow individuals to retain these healthier states for increasing time periods when away from the system (or after it has been turned off). In this way it can be considered a personal health training and evolution tool, with a long term aim of empowering individuals.