Lifespace technology

As humans we are bio-electric and bio-magnetic beings, not just bio-chemical. We operate electromagnetically and respond to all forms of subtle energy fields. But if this field is distorted and scrambled by electrosmog and other stresses, our response to life can manifest in a way that is not harmonious to our true nature.

 Unbeknownst to us our cells have degraded, diminishing our life-force and limiting our health and vitality, and over time we have forgotten who we are. What if we could easily recalibrate this bio-chemical, bio-electric and bio-magnetic integrity and restore our original vitality? 

With the Lifespace unit we have spent years researching and developing a technology that operates on many different levels to be able to provide what we see as vital elements necessary for a more refined existence. It is in Nature that we find the pattern templates we need for the generation of clearer field energy. Some of these energetic patterns (fractals) are taken from trees, and some from synergistic combinations of potentised light, sound and gem remedies. These fractal patterns are naturally grounded within a scalar field generated through the activation of natural carbon60-bearing shungite, using a conversion circuit of our own design which outputs standing waves through the principle of cancellation of magnetic energy to output a pure and balanced scalar field (scalar is the medium used by life to carry information and energy).

And we have taken the process a step further still: the field set up by our Lifespace technology carries a highly refined and balanced consciousness blueprint which is tangibly joyful - one of the most important states we can spend time in if we are to heal and transform, and strengthen our being.

Lifespace primarily works to rebalance the resonance of our cellular biology with the earth and the cosmos. Opening us up to a more vital existence and restructuring our intrinsic assemblage, re-training our cells to be able to achieve this harmony on their own. Through this true protection can be achieved, based on reaffirming our own field rather than blocking or hiding from the environment.

"Create the right environment and the body will remember its natural harmonic state." This is very much a mission statement at Resonance Sciences Ltd., and it describes the principle behind a completely non-invasive technology that allows cellular entrainment to occur naturally via structural resonance. (Structural resonance is the process whereby information transfers from one scalar field to another, and it occurs naturally whenever there is enough of a similarity between those fields.)

We would love to help you vibrate at such a frequency to provide your body, mind and spirit the clarity required for a new kind of interface with your life, and open you to the magic that in itself is your basic human right. Balance, harmony, and connectivity.