Fractals are a geometric representation, a condensed version of nature's stories. They are a kind of algorithm that represent complex dynamic systems in a simple form.

Homeopathic remedies use a reductive technique to essentilise complex matter or information to a vibratory signature. So can whole universes be represented by a grain of sand. A great teacher in the fractal field was the late Dr Masaru Emoto, through his work educating the collective to the power of mollecular vibration, expressing the power a simple written word has on the crystalline nature of the receptors in mollecules of water.

So we can bring to our lives the healing geometry of the Music of Bach, the sacred structures of the 'organised' information in the stories represented by sound into a vibratory space, our home can become a transformatory live entity.

Fractals explain how Lifespace technology is able to offer so much held within such a small unit. With it you can set up a field within any building which carries the signatures of trees, of light and colour, frequency and connection to the planet itself, all expressed in the subatomic level through the medium of scalar waves (life's favoured communication language).

It is the elegance of fractals that enables these patterns to be held in the unit, embedded in a natural liquid crystal resin. They become activated when the pure scalar generator of our own design within the unit is switched on. And that activation requires only a tiny amount of energy: in common with the natural world, the generation of these fields is about precision not raw energy, and operates within an extremely low power 'window'.

And through resonance, the fractal representations of multidimensional phenomena give rise to an authentic expression of their original form, and it is your own being that will recognise this and decide what it wishes to embrace and welcome into its own space.