Connection to Self

What is our blueprint, our very specific soul mission? To figure this out and connect to our own 'life code uninterrupted', is a mission in itself.. Knowing more about our soul needs and how to communicate these very important personal distinctions is an art form of listening, but that is just the beginning. We can be given the tools and all the ingredients - and most of us have spent much of our lives knowingly or unknowingly experimenting with it - but many of us also need help along the way.

It's not always easy to harmonise our mind/body/spirit complexities. Finding the balance is a constant process that most of us find we cannot make the time for in our busy lives of managing the complex needs of the physical world alone.

Clarity comes in the form of breaking down the elements consciously and subtly allowing ourselves to be 'worked on' energetically on a cellular level. To clear not only physical toxins but balance mental and emotional needs. To create new neural networks, new pathways.

For this we need space. 'Energetic space' tends to be lacking in the modern manmade environment: practically all technology has been developed without honouring the delicate, balanced fabric of the natural information field. This is disrupted not only by electrical and wireless radiation-emitting devices (although particularly by those), but also by the methods by which most manmade structures are created, and the materials that are used. These all contribute to chaos on the level of this information field (otherwise referred to as scalar), and lead to that sense of lack of space.

We can help with this: Lifespace responds to these needs. The technology sets up a supportive information field that is structured according to natural principles, achieved by amplifying the essence of that field derived from sources of the Earth, of nature, of the cosmos. Because the body has such a strong affinity for that natural order or structure, it automatically tunes into it, just as it would in a truly natural environment. Doing so helps you connect to your true nature and begin to access the harmony that is your birthright. And this is a tangible experience. Many people people feel it right away when they use our tools - to their surprise!

A major benefit of spending time within the naturally-structured environment set up by this technology, is that the body is then able to optimise its own natural force-field that will serve as a buffer from the forces that deprive us of our peace - and this is where we can begin to do our greater work: the discernment of what is right for us and our authenticity to live the lives we were meant to live on this planet, and to make our choices in line with a clearer, cleaner vibration. With the right patterns of association with natural frequencies as opposed to harmful ones we can entrain our cells to recalibrate and to resonate within a different, supportive framework.