Connection to Nature

The face of Lifespace technology that involves 'connection to nature' comes in the form of an integration of signature patterns sourced from the frequency domains of trees, of minerals, of crystals and of the planet itself.

The Earth's
natural energetic field is primarily a magnetic information conductor. From the core of the earth out to the tips of the highest peaks nature is broadcasting on many different levels. That's why we feel so good in nature: we are picking up this broadcast and responding to it as our cells feel right again, we are responding to this natural frequency.

Everything on this planet has patterns in its structure. Music has a pattern when we hear it: music has a vibratory pattern which is transmitted via its frequency domain. So on one level we are hearing it, but on a deeper level we are feeling it. Nature also has these patterns. We walk in the woods and we see a tree, our eyes recognise the pattern of the tree, but underneath our cells are feeling the tree - connecting in with the tree life, story, family and healing properties. And deep inside, we embrace the story of the tree.

So do the minerals and crystals have their stories. They are the stories handed down over millions of years of crystalline evolution, the imprinting of the Earths' wisdom in geometric form. The crystals in a computer have a function to process and transmit electrical information, so in a way this technology was appropriated from nature. Crystals have the capacity to be programmed, yet their own wisdom operates at a much higher level than just that of technical function.

So when we buy and use a crystal, we are connecting to a piece of a very old story containg knowledge and wisdom. And these stories embedded in the various crystals are gathered from all over the world and the cosmos. Different regions contribute different stories, different energies that are puzzle pieces. Northern energies are different from Southern energies, sky energies, ice energies, tropical energies... The collective harmony of these resonant stories collectively form the dimensional song of the planet, that nature invites us to add our own voice to in the form of our authentic being.

LIfespace technology works to help support our connection to nature whilst we spend time in manmade environments by amplifying a number of vital natural reference points for the body to tune into. These in themselves do not of course begin to replace proper communion with nature. But they give enough for you be tuned into the right frequency domain to be able to reconnect to the "real thing", more easily, yourself, whatever surroundings you may be in. Without that support, many people find it difficult to reach beyond the chaotic energy of modern manmade environments, and so over time their energy levels and sense of inner peace, belonging and wellbeing suffer.